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Best OPzS Battery

Best OPzS Battery

OPzS2-1200-Y Product Features: Cycle life: >2200 at 80% DOD Self discharge rate ≤5%/month High charge acceptance performance; Wide operation temperature: -40℃~ 70℃ Good deep discharge recovery performance. Positive plate: tubular type, with die-casting thick Pb-Ca grid, it has very good...

Product Details

OPzS2-1200-Y of Best OPzS Battery

The most important components of a lead-acid battery that can provide electrical energy are positive, negative plate and electrolyte. The specific gravity and liquid amount of the electrolyte is equally important for providing electrical energy. The lack of solution according to different situations, timely replenishment of battery solution or distilled water, otherwise it will shorten the battery life! Then, test the electrolyte proportion is higher than the lowest level, to complement the acid. If the results of the test specific gravity change little, it can be used. If the proportion is low, it shows that the battery is short of electricity for some reason. It should be supplemented for a certain time to ensure the battery life.

Product Features of Best OPzS Battery

Self discharge rate


Cycle life

>2200 at 80% DOD

Positive plate

tubular type, with die-casting thick Pb-Ca grid, it has very good

corrosion resistance

Negative plate

radial grid design, good high rate discharge performance


PVC-SiO2 separator, low internal resistance, high pore rate

Flooded electrolyte design

contain more electrolyte, space between plates, avoid “thermal runaway”



Product Specification of Best OPzS Battery



Nominal Voltage2v

Nominal Capacity

1200Ah@10hr-rate to 1.85V per cell @25℃


275 x 210 x 701mm

Approx Weight

Dry Weight: 68.0kg, Wet Weight: 91.8kg

Max. Discharge Current

4500 A (5 sec)

Internal Resistance

 0.23 mΩ

Maximum Charging Current


Self Discharge

Self-discharge rate less than 3.5% per month at 25℃.



Container Material

A.S. (UL94-HB), and UL94-V0 is Optional.

Compliant Standards:
IEC60254- 2005
DIN/ EN 60254-2
GB 7403-2008
Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, CE certificate


Product Datasheet of Best OPzS Battery




Process & Packing

工厂2.png   工厂3.png

factory 2.jpg   工厂.jpg


Application of Best OPzS Battery



Traction Forklifts


Security System




Solar System

Wind Energy



Q1: Do you produce the plate by yourself ?
A:Yes,we produce plates by our self and also apply plates to many other famous battery factory in China.
Q2: How about your delivery time usually?
A:Our delivery time:15 work days for car battery ,20 work days for AGM car battery and motorcycle battery.
Q3: What is your warrantee time for VRLA battery ?
A: We have 12 months, warrantee time for VRLA battery below 40AH and 2 years for battery above 40AH from shipping date.
Q4: How about packing ?
A:Our battery packing with carton box or wooden box ,and all cartons packing with pallet.

5.  About Us: The company professional to do batteries;

6. Equipment & Technology: The quality of VRLA battery and production is the biggest supplier in;

7. Service: Stable product quality, supply, the good faith management.

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best opzs battery, manufacturers, high quality, long life, prices, for sale

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