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Solar Gel Battery

Solar Gel Battery

OPzV 12-100-Y Product Feature OPzV battery positive plate adopts tubular plate which can prevent active material falling, and adopts multi-component alloy frame. have fine corrosion-resisting performance and long service life. Floating design life: 20 years at 25℃ Cycle life(2V): >2000 at 80%...

Product Details

OPzV 12-100-Y of Solar Gel Battery

Solar Storage Batteries are an intricate component for off-grid electrical systems such as solar, wind, and mini hydroelectric systems.
All these systems produce DC electrical which must be stored so that it may be used at a later time. In order to do this at the present time we use deep cycle batteries.
Deep cycle batteries are used because they have the ability to be recycled many times. This means that they can go from being charged to being discharged to 50% numerous times without damaging the batteries unlike that of other batteries such as cranking batteries which are used to start vehicles.


Product Feature of Solar Gel Battery

12V100ah Storage UPS Battery for Home-Use Materials Advantages:
1. Container/Cover: Made of UL94HB and UL 94-0ABS Plastic, fire resistance and water proof.
2. 99.997% pure new lead NEVER use recycle lead.
3. Negative Plates: Use the special PbCa alloy grids, optimize the recombination efficiency and less gassing.
4. High quality AGM separator: Absord acid electrolyte, the best retainer mat for VRLA batteries.
5. Positive plates: PbCa grids minimize corrosion and prolong life.
6. Terminal post: Copper or lead material with maximum conductivity, enhance the high current rapidly.
7. Vent Valve: Allows the release of the excess gas automatically for safety.
8. Three steps of Seal procedures: Ensure battery completely sealed with safety, never leakage and volatile acid, longer life.
9. Silicone GEL electrolyte: Import from Germany famous brand silicone.

Storage life

After fully charged, it can be storaged about 2 years at 20℃


Gel electrolyte, gel immobilized state, safer than AGM type battery

Positive plate

 Tubular type, with die-casting thick Pb-Ca grid

Negative plate

Pasted flat type, radial grid design, good high rate discharge performance


PVC-SiO2 separator, low internal resistance, high pore rate

Flooded electrolyte


Contain more electrolyte like a flooded battery, pace between plates

Safety valves

Good sensitivity, equipped with double flame arrester/acid filter

Battery case

Made of high strength ABS, durable design

Datasheet of Solar Gel Battery



Specification of Solar Gel Battery

Cells Per Unit


Voltage Per Unit



100Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V per cell @25℃

Internal Resistance

Approx. 8.0 mΩ




Approx. 36.0Kg (Tolerance ±3%)

Max. Discharge Current

1000A (5 sec)


Thread F12

Normal Operating Temperature Range


Container Material



Compliant Standards of Solar Gel Battery
1. IEC 60896-21/22-2004/ DIN43539-T5
2. IEC61427-2005/ YD/T1360-2005/ GB/T 22473-2008 
3. Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, CE certificate


Application of Solar Gel Battery





Wind Energy





Power storage plant


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solar gel battery, manufacturers, high quality, long life, prices, for sale

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