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SLA Lead Acid Batteries

SLA Lead Acid Batteries

Zhongneng Chengyu Power Co., Ltd specialized in export storage battery, UPS, inverter, solar power system and so on, rely on abundant technical strength, full support of our customers and careful and strict management, our products are safe and sealing technology levels are industry-leading....

Product Details

Zhongneng Chengyu Power Co., Ltd specialized in export storage battery, UPS, inverter, solar power system and so on, rely on abundant  technical strength, full support of our customers and careful and strict management, our products are safe and sealing technology levels are industry-leading.  Product quality, reasonable prices, and perfect after-sale service are always the reasons our customers praised us for. With the help of owned factory’s production and excellent sales teams, our products have been sold over 20 countries and regions in the world.


Our products are widely used in different fields, such as banking, securities, telecommunications, transportation, taxation, health care, education, military, government agencies, scientific research machinery and mining production enterprise.

Product Feature

Long-life design (25): 10 or 18 years

Low self-discharge rate: 3%/Month

Good high rate discharge performance 

High sealed reaction efficiency: 99%

Wide operation temperature range: -20℃~60

Grid: thicker grid and radiative grid structure

Structure: Compact design, lower internal resistance/high specific energy

Plate: Pasted flat type, with patent formula of AM/ latest grid alloy + patent formula of AM

Terminal: two or more types terminals are convenient for selection

Separator: using improved AGM separator, makes lower resistance, higher assembling pressure to increase cycle life


Cells Per Unit: 6
Voltage Per Unit: 12
90Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V per cell @25℃

Dimension(LxHxW): 306x168x235mm 

Weight: Approx. 28.5Kg(Tolerance±2%)

Max. Discharge Current: 9000A (5 sec)
Internal Resistance: Approx.
5.2 mΩ
Operating Temperature Range: Discharge: -
20℃ ~60℃;

Charge: 0℃~50℃;

Storage: -20℃~60℃
Normal Operating Temperature Range: 25℃±5℃
Float charging Voltage: 13.
to 13.8 VDC/unit Average at 25℃
Recommended Maximum Charging Current:
Equalization and Cycle Service: 14.
6 to 14.8 VDC/unit Average at 25℃
Self Discharge: CHENGYU Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries can be stored for more than 6 months at 25℃. Self-discharge ratio less than 3% per month at 25℃. Please charge batteries before usin
Terminal F12/F15

Container Material: A.B.S. UL94-HB, UL94-V0 Optional.

Datasheet of SLA Lead Acid Batteries


Details of SLA Lead Acid Batteries


Datasheet of lead acid battery 

ModelVoltageCapacityWeightDimension  (L*W*H)(TH)Terminal



Short Circuit 


CA12-33-Y123310.2195x130x159(180)C9.0 825
CA12-40-Y124013198x166x171(171)D8.0 920
CA12-55-Y125518229x138x210(235)C7.0 1160
CA12-60-Y126020.5260x169x210(235)C6.5 1380
CA12-65-Y126521350x167x180(183)C6.5 1500
CA12-70-Y127022.5350x167x180(183)C6.5 1520
CA12-75-Y127523.5260x169x210(235)C6.5 1720
CA12-80-Y128024350x167x180(183)C5.5 1840
CA12-90-Y129028.5306x169x210(235)C5.2 1940
CA12-100-Y1210030328x172x222(222)C5.0 2150
CA12-120-Y1212035407x177x225(225)C4.5 2220
CA12-134-Y1213441.5334x173x280(285)C4.5 2480
CA12-150-Y1215044.5483x170x240(240)C4.3 2700
CA12-180-Y1218053530x209x214(219)E4.2 2800
CA12-200-Y1220060522x240x219(240)E4.0 3430
CA12-230-Y1223067521x269x203(208)E4.0 4100
CA12-260-Y1226074520x268x220(225)E3.5 4810
CA2200-Y220014171x111x366(366)G0.80 2650
CA2300-Y230019171x150x365(366)G0.72 2910
CA2400-Y240026211x176x329(366)H0.67 3400
CA2500-Y250030.5242x172x329(366)H0.62 4210
CA2600-Y260037302x175x328(366)H0.60 5080
CA2800-Y280050411x175x327(368)J0.60 6370
CA21000-Y2100062475x175x327(368)J0.55 6850
CA21200-Y2120066475x175x327(368)J0.53 7830
CA21500-Y2150096401x352x338(383)K0.50 10200
CA22000-Y22000126.5490x349x338(383)L0.40 13380
CA23000-Y23000193712x351x338(383)L0.30 23150

SLA Lead Acid Batteries Main Characteristics


1. Long time discharge

2. Suitable for space and storage electric power use

3. Special plate design, long cycle lifetime

4. Using special lead-calcium alloy to boost up the grid anti-corrosive performance & extend the battery lifetime

5. Using special separator to boost up the battery performance inside

6. High thermal capacity, reduce the risk of thermal out of control and drying hard, useable in bad environment

7. High gas recombined reaction efficiency

8. Little water losing, no electrolyte stratification phenomenon

9. Long storage time

10. Good deep discharge resilience performance

11. Using gas silicon dioxide, small granule degree, bigger than surface area

Our Service

1.Warranty: 1-5 years.

2. Factory price, pricing could be lower while the quantity rising.

3. OEM cooperation with your brand, Could have your logo, or change the capacity as your   design.

4. Strict QA, QC process, guarantee the quality and delivery time.

5. One of the largest storage battery, uninterruptable power supply and inverter manufactures in China.


Battery knowledge

There are several factors that should be taken into account when determining the total cost of ownership over the life of the battery.

1.Price: A battery with a low price is always attractive, but if low price comes

at the expense of quality and battery life, the need for frequent battery replacements

could boost the cost over time. That’s why it’s important to consider issues other than

price when making the decision.

2.Capacity: Battery capacity is important because it’s a measure of the amount of energy

stored in the battery.

3.Voltage: The battery bank voltage must be considered to ensure it matches the system requirements. The battery bank voltage is often determined by the inverter specifications

if installing a DC-to-AC system or by the voltage of the loads in a DC system.

4.Cycle Life: The most critical consideration is cycle life, which provides the number of discharge/charge cycles the battery can provide before capacity drops to a specified

percentage of rated capacity. Batteries from different manufacturers may have the same

capacity and energy content and be similar in weight. But design, materials, process and

quality influence how long the battery will cycle.

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sla lead acid batteries, manufacturers, high quality, long life, prices, for sale

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