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Forklift Battery

Forklift Battery

Product Name: OPzS 2V 800AH Flooded Tubular Traction Forklifts Battery Product Details: Nominal Voltage: 2v; Nominal Capacity: 800ah; Dry Weight: 47.6kg; Wet Weight: 64.3kg; Terminal Type: F10; Size: 191*210*646mm; Terminal Position: H; Short Circuit Current: 6800A; Internal Resistance:...

Product Details

OPzS Forklift Battery is used to refer to a flooded type of tubular-plated, lead acid, deep cycle batteries. These batteries, generally have a cell voltage of 2 volts and are connected in series to produce higher voltages.

These types of batteries are generally vented and are used in stationary applications like; solar, wind and backup energy storage. They contain a liquid electrolyte which is generally composed of diluted sulfuric acid.

OPzS stands for : O = Ortsfest (stationary) Pz = PanZerplatte (tubular plate) S = Flüssig (flooded)

OPzS batteries are often time referred to as traction batteries. A variant of these types of batteries that are valve regulated and have gel electrolyte are called OPzV. These are a maintenance free variant of OPzS.

Product Details of Forklift Battery


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity








Terminal    Type










Terminal Position



Maintenance Type









Charging voltage and settings of Forklift Battery

1 . Constant voltage charging is recommended
2. Recommended float charge voltage: 2.27V/cell @20~25°C
3. Float voltage temperature compensation: -3mV/°C/cel l
4. Float voltage range: 2.27 to 2.30 V/cell @ 20~25°C
5. Cyclic application charge voltage : 2.40 to 2.47 V/cell @ 20~25°C
6. Max. charge current allowable : 0.25C

Battery Construction/ Features of Forklift Battery

1. Positive Plate: Lead dioxide; 

2. Negative Plate: Lead;

3. Cover: ABS;  

4. Container: ABS; 

5. Terminal: Copper; 

6. Safety valve: Rubber; 

7. Separator: AGM glass; 

8. Electrolyte: Sulfuric acid;

9. Cycle life: >2200 at 80% DOD; 

10. Self discharge rate ≤5%/month;

11. High charge acceptance performance;   

12. Wide operation temperature: -40℃~ 70℃;

13. Battery case: made of high strength PP and durable design;

14. Operating Temperature Range: Discharge: -15℃ ~50℃;

 Charge: 0℃~40℃;

 Storage: -15℃~50℃

15. Cycle Service: 2.40 to 2.45V (DC) cell at 25℃;

16. Optimal Operating Temperature Range: 25℃± 5℃;

17. Float charging Voltage: 2.23 to 2.25V(DC)/ cell at 25℃;

18. Container Material: A.S. (UL94-HB), and UL94-V0 is Optional.

19. Self Discharge: Self-discharge rate less than 3.5% per month at 25℃. Please charge batteries before using.

Prodcut Factory

CHENGYU POWER CO.,LTD. is a factory specializing in develop, manufacture and export environment-friendly VRLA battery. As an experienced battery supplier we provide a range of VRLA, AGM, GEL and Lithium-lon batteries for every application in the renewable market.


Product Packing

包装1.jpg  packing2.png  packing4.png

Datasheet of Forklift Battery

OPzS 2-800-2.png


Traction Forklifts/ Traction Electric Vehicles;   Electric Cars/ Photovoltaic;

Wind Power/ Solar System;    UPS System/ Light Supply Power

power storage plant.png   UPS.png

Light Supply Storage                                    UPS System

electric cars.png  solar system.png

Electric Cars                                   Solar System

Compliant Standards

IEC60254- 2005

DIN/ EN 60254-2

GB 7403-2008

Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, CE certificate


Q: What's the payment term?

A: We accept TT, 30% deposit and 70% balance against copy of B/L.

Q: How is the delivery time?

A: Usually it will take about 25 working days for production

Q:How is the standard of the package?

A: For the small capacity, it will use cartoon, for the big capacity, we should use the strong wooden case for protection.


Q: Would you accept our own logo?

A: If you have good quantity, it's absolutely no problem to do OEM.


Q: Does the inverter connect with solar system?

A: Yes,because of the unique feature which combine invert, charge and ac auto-transfer switch into one complete

 system, made inverter not only connect with solar system, but also could used in officer equipment, household items, power tools etc

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