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GEL Solar Battery

GEL Solar Battery

OPzV 2-490-Y Product Feature OPzV seires is the tubular GEL solar battery. Floating design life: 20 years at 25℃ Cycle life(2V): >2000 at 80% DOD and 6000 at 25% DOD Self-discharge rate: ≤2%/Month High charge acceptance performance Wide operation temperature range: -40℃~70℃ Storage life:...

Product Details

GEL Solar Battery (OPzV Series) low discharge, using quality materials, monthly self discharge rate is below 1.5%, the GEL electrolyte, heat capacity, good heat resistance, suitable for use in harsh environments (40~60 C), the cycle performance and deep discharge recovery ability is superior, without water maintenance, gas recombination efficiency more than 95%, long service life, float design life of 20 years, normal float process, stable capacity, low attenuation, excellent sealing performance, no gas permeability, no environmental pollution, environmental protection product safety performance, special separator, high hole rate, low resistance, low internal resistance of the copper pole. To ensure the safety of large current discharge without heating, gel electrolyte concentration distribution, no delamination, high reliability, fire retardant safety valve can effectively prevent external flame or spark.

Product Feature & Specification of GEL Solar Battery

1. Model: OPzV2-490-Y, Nominal Voltage: 2v, Nominal Capacity: 490ah;

2. Weight: 38.5kg, Cells per unit: 1, Voltage per unit: 2v;
3. Floating design life: 20 years at 25℃;

4. Size: 166*206*506mm(L*W*H), Max. Discharge Current: 2000A(5 sec);
5. Cycle life(2V): >2000 at 80% DOD and 6000 at 25% DOD;

6. Internal Resistance: Approx. 0.65 mΩ, Terminal: F10;

7. Self-discharge rate: ≤2%/Month, Container Material: ABS;

8. Recommended Maximum Charging Current: 100A;

9. Equalization and Cycle Service: 2.37 to 2.40 VDC/unit Average at 25℃;

10. Wide operation temperature range: -40℃~70℃;

11. Normal Operating Temperature Range: 25℃±5℃;

12. Storage life: After fully charged, it can be storaged about 2 years at 20℃;

13. Max. Discharge Current: 2000A (5 sec)

Packaging & Shipping  of GEL Solar Battery

A. Trade term: EXW/ FOB/ CIF/ CFR etc

B. Payment terms: T/T, Western union, paypal acceptable

C. If by air, we can arrange an international express (UPS/TNT/DHL/FEDEX/EMS, etc.)

D. If by sea,usually we use the port of shanghai, but Shenzhen, Guangzhou, or other ports are ok as well.

E: Package: carton box or wooden box, pallet for groups







The series of products are widely used in different fields, such as banking, securities, telecommunications, transportation, taxation, health care, education, military, government agencies, scientific research machinery and mining production enterprise.

  • The series of products has large current discharge performance and good uniformity, high specific energy, long life and other characteristics.

  • Reliable seal, no leakage, high energy, excellent large current discharge performance.

  • All the products can be customized, including the capacity and voltage.

    It suitable for power supply in telecommunication, photovoltaic/wind energy storage and UPS applications.

    Compliant Standards

    1. IEC 60896-21/22-2004/ DIN43539-T5/ IEC61427-2005
    2. YD/T1360-2005/ GB/T 22473-2008
    3. Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, CE certificate


    Exhibition Show

    1. Professional OEM & ODM service

    2. Outstanding design and R&D team

    3. Small quantity order / trial order accepted

    4. Excellent quality and 24 hours after-sales service

    5. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information

    6. Welcome to inquiry, welcome to visit our factory


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    Q1. What’s kinds of battery will you provide?
        A: We have three type battery: AGM, Deep cycle and Gel. There are many different model battery here, we can supply 2v 100ah-3000ah battery, 12v 4.5ah- 230ah battery, 6v 4ah battery, and so on

    Q2. Your battery can meet CE ISO requirements?
        A: Our battery are with the certificate of CE/ISO.

    Q3. Can we change the color based on the original?
        A: Yes, the color can be customer-made according to your requirement.

    Q4. Can you offer OEM service ?
        A: Yes, OEM is available.

    Q5. What kind of guarantee you give?
        A: Our battery products can be used for more than 3 years. For AGM battery our warranty time is 1year and Gel battery warranty time is 3years.


    After-Sales Service

    1.Our technology are ok  for you on-site installation guidance and engineering.
    2.We are ready to answer your questions about our products, until problems are solved and deliver technical training upon your specific demand.

    Product Quality

    1.We are liable to replace the batteries for any defects in materials & workmanship .if they come from our factory and stay within the legitimate warranty.
    2.We will response to your failure-report within 24 hours with a solution ,and will dispatch technician to field if it is necessary.
    3.We offer life-long service to every single of our batteries(free of charge if covered by warranty),and technical instruction included.


    If you are interested in our batteries , Pls feel free to contact me. we will offer you more information about our battery.


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    gel solar battery, manufacturers, high quality, long life, prices, for sale

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