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tubular battery

tubular battery

OPzV 12-45-Y Product Feature Floating design life: 20 years at 25℃ Cycle life(2V): >2000 at 80% DOD and 6000 at 25% DOD Self-discharge rate: ≤2%/Month High charge acceptance performance Wide operation temperature range: -40℃~70℃ Storage life: After fully charged, it can be storaged about 2...

Product Details

Tubular battery Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with a proven combination of GEL and Tubular technologies to offer a very  high lever of reliability. Opzv batteries benefit from an optimized plate design which gives capacities in excess of the DIN standard values. In addition, this series offers both a longest float life and a high cycle life in widely industrial field.

Product Feature of tubular battery

Negative plate

Pasted flat type, high rate discharge performance;


PVC-SiO2 separator, low internal resistance, high pore rate;                                           

Positive plate

Tubular type, with die-casting thick Pb-Ca grid;


Gel electrolyte uses imported silica, lower internal resistance;

Safety valves

Good sensitivity, safe and reliable,



Specification of tubular battery

Cells Per Unit



45Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V

per cell @25℃

Voltage Per Unit





Approx. 18.0Kg (Tolerance ±3%)


Thread F11

Container Material

A.B.S. UL94-HB, UL94-V0 Optional.

Internal Resistance

Approx. 17 mΩ

Max. Discharge Current

450A (5 sec)

Operating Temperature Range

Normal Operating Temperature Range

25℃ ± 5℃

Discharge: -40℃ ~70℃;
Charge: 0℃~50℃;
Storage: -20℃~60℃

Float charging Voltage

13.6 to 13.8 VDC/unit Average at 25℃

Recommended Maximum Charging Current


Equalization and Cycle Service

14.2 to 14.4 VDC/unit Average at 25℃

Self Discharge

 Self-discharge ratio less than 2% per month at 25℃

Float charge usage (standby power supply)

1. Telecommunications, communication apparatus,SPC exchange.            

2. Emergency lighting system.                         

3. Safety and prevention of burglary,fire protection alarm system.    

4. UPS uninterruputible power supply.                      

5. Electric power switch system.

6. Electric power plant,substation directly current operation electric source .

7. Engine startup,ship craft equipment.

8. Solar system, and standby electric source

Compliant Standards 

1. IEC 60896-21/22-2004/ DIN43539-T5
2. IEC61427-2005/ YD/T1360-2005/ GB/T 22473-2008
3. Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, CE certificate

Cycle usage

1.Portable TV, pickup camera, radio and tape recorder.

2.Electric tool, field mower, Vacuum cleaner. 

3.Camera,news photography equipment.

4.Portable personal computer, language processor, terminal.

5.Outdoor testing equipment, medical instrument equipment.

6.Mobile phone, walkie-talkie.

7.Lamp, tapping lamp, emergency light, railway signal light.

8.Electric toy, electric wheel chair.


It suitable for power supply in telecommunication, photovoltaic/wind energy storage and UPS applications.

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Why choose us  


 1. The battery is full of power when it’s out of factory, no need to use liquid charge.

 2. No memory, no need to discharge battery use, suitable for circuit design.

 3. By high partition, adsorption and strong.

 4. There is no flowing liquid (poor liquid), does not leak acid and free Upside down.

 5. Comply with environmental requirements, ease of use.

 6. The use of lead-calcium alloys, battery self-discharge is very low.

 7. Easy storage, less maintenance.

 8. Using ABS plastic shell and valve technology for stable quality safe use.

 9. Fresh lead board , long use life and low pollution.


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tubular battery, manufacturers, high quality, long life, prices, for sale

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