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Absorbed Glass Mat & Gel what's the difference?

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Absorbed Glass Mat & Gel: what's the difference?


Gel Batteries

Gel batteries contain a gelled electrolyte which is "Thixotropic". This Thixotropic gelled electrolyte contains sulfuric acid, fumed silica, pure demineralized and deionized water, and a phosphoric acid. The electrolyte in Gel batteries does not flow like a normal liquid; it has the consistency and look of petroleum jelly.


Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries


In AGM batteries, the liquid electrolyte contains high purity sulfuric acid and totally demineralized, deionized water (no phosphoric acid). This electrolyte is trapped in sponge-like glass mat separators.


AGM and Gel compared


Because of the physical properties of the Thixotropic gelled electrolyte in Gel batteries, Gel batteries tend to lose power faster than AGM batteries in temperatures below 32°F. AGM batteries, on the other hand, excel in high current and high power applications as well as extremely cold environments, making them ideal for cold weather riding or snowmobiling and also for running juice-drawing aftermarket accessories.


Another key difference between AGM and Gel batteries is depth of discharge. Gel batteries are more acid starved than AGM batteries, which better protects Gel batteries' plates, making these types of batteries best suited for deep discharge applications.


Deep discharge is rarely necessary in powersports riding, however, and Gel batteries have drawbacks for powersports starting applications. Gel batteries typically have a higher price point, shorter life span and less size compatibility than their AGM counterparts.


In the spectrum of conventional lead acid, AGM and Gel batteries, AGM batteries typically offer the best starting power, durability and value for powersports applications such as motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. Get your AGM Battery here! 

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