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Excellent characteristic of colloid battery

- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. The service life of the battery can be prolonged obviously. According to the relevant literature, the battery life can be extended 2-3 times.

2. The self-discharge performance of gelled lead-acid battery is improved obviously, and the storage time can be increased by more than twice times in the same sulfuric acid purity and water quality condition.

3. Colloidal lead acid battery in the case of severe electricity shortage, the resistance to vulcanization is very obvious.

4. Colloidal lead-acid batteries in the case of severe discharge recovery ability.

5. Colloidal lead acid battery has strong resistance to overcharge, through two lead acid batteries (a colloidal lead-acid battery, a valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery also repeated several times over the charging test, the colloidal lead-acid batteries decreased the capacity of the slow, and valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery because of water consumption too fast, its capacity decreased significantly.

6. The late discharge performance of gelled lead acid battery is improved obviously.

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