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How to maintain colloid battery?

- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. Do not wait for the colloid battery charge, recharge, after the discharge should be recharged.

2. Battery charger As far as possible with better quality of the charger, this is conducive to improve the life of the colloid battery.

3. Batteries should be adequate storage, storage place should be cool and dry, do not close to the heat source, not direct sunlight, storage for more than one months before the use should be recharged, storage for more than three months should be a deep charge.

4. Hot time charge attention to the battery temperature not too high, do not charge the battery, such as hands too hot, you can stop a recharge, the winter temperature is low, the battery is easy to charge enough, can be appropriate to extend the charging time (such as 10%).

5. As a group of batteries, when found only problems should be replaced in a timely manner, can extend the whole group of life.

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