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How to solve the bulging of colloid battery

- Oct 10, 2017 -

First, in order to shorten the filling time, avoid overcharge caused by the battery bulging, reset the uniform floating charge conversion conditions, the original set current value 10ma/ah as the average charge conversion condition change to when the current value down to 20ma/ah system is automatically converted to a floating charge operation.

Second, the switching power supply temperature sensor to the battery cabinet, so that the switching power supply of the floating charge pressure can be adjusted with ambient temperature. To increase over-temperature protection, when the temperature reaches 40 ℃, the system automatically converts to a floating charging operation to avoid the battery bulging caused by the constant large current charge.

Third, in order to prevent the battery overcharge, shorten the protection time, will be filled with protection time from 18 hours to 10 hours (all the protection time is set to prevent the battery heat out of control, when the charge flow can not be reduced to the set of the floating charge conversion current value, in the specified time system forced to floating charge).

Four, extend the timing of the full cycle, to avoid the excessive frequency of the large current is charged. Change the timer to a period of 100 days for the original set value of 180 days.

Five, cancel the switching power supply to continue to fill the function, to avoid overcharge caused by the battery bulging.

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