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Main characteristics of lead-acid battery

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Safety seals: In normal operation, the electrolyte will not be leaked from the battery terminal or the casing.

No free acid: The special absorbent clapboard will keep the acid in, the inside of the battery has no free acid liquid, so the battery can be placed in any position.

Discouraged system: the battery inside pressure exceeds the normal level, the VRLA is "valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery" abbreviation) the battery will release excess gas and automatically seal, to ensure that there is no excess gas in the battery.

Maintenance simple: Because the unique gas complex system makes the resulting gas into water, in the process of using the battery do not need to add water.

Long service life: The use of corrosion-resistant structure of the lead-calcium alloy board, the battery can be used for 10-15 years.

Stable quality, high reliability: the use of advanced production technology and strict quality control system, battery quality and stability, reliable performance, voltage, capacity and seal on-line 100% test.

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