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Old and new batteries can not be mixed

- Oct 10, 2017 -

The new battery due to chemical reaction material more, higher voltage, small internal resistance, while the old battery voltage is low, the resistance is large, the general 12V 0.015-0.018 ohm internal resistance of battery internal resistance, but the old battery at 0.085 ohms above, if the old battery series, then the charge state, charging voltage of charging voltage both ends of the old battery will be higher than the new battery ends, resulting in a new battery is not full, and the old battery is already too high, while in the discharge state, because the new battery capacity than the old battery capacity, resulting in excessive battery discharge caused by the old, even the old battery reverse polarity, battery bulge caused side effects. It will be a new loss of battery power, and will cause the internal voltage electrical instability, there is excessive use of old batteries Dangers posed by.

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