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Types Of VRLA Batteries

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Types Of VRLA Batteries

There are two types of VRLA Batteries: the Gel Cell and the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM).

Gel Cell Battery – As its name suggests, the Gel Cell Battery has an immobile jelly-like electrolyte where the sulfuric acid is mixed  with fumed (pyrogenic) silica used as thickening agent.  Because of this immobile gel-like electrolyte, the Gel Cell can be mounted in any position, shows greater resistance to extreme temperature, and is shock and vibration resistant. Gel Cell Batteries are primarily used in electric wheelchairs, certain recreational vehicles, generators and more.

Absorbed Glass Mat Battery (AGM) – In this type of battery, the acid is absorbed and immobilized by very thin fiberglass mats between the plates.  This construction makes the acid readily available to the plates and allows a quick reaction between the acid and plate material.  The plates in an AGM Battery may be of any shape making their design very flexible.  AGM Batteries have the advantage of a very low internal electrical resistance and faster acid movement between the fiber and the plates allowing AGM Batteries to give and take higher rates of amperage when compared to other sealed batteries during charging/charging cycles.

AGM Batteries are the perfect choice for motorcycles and ATV’s. Deep-cycle AGMs are also commonly used in off grid solar power and wind power installations as an energy storage bank and in large-scale amateur robotics, such as the FIRST and IGVC competitions.

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