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What are deep cycle batteries

- Apr 10, 2018 -

What are deep cycle batteries?

In the context of renewable energy, when batteries are referred to it usually means deep cycle batteries.

Deep cycle batteries are an energy storage units in which a chemical reaction occurs that develops voltage and results in electricity. These batteries are designed to be cycled (discharged and recharged) many times.

While a car battery is designed to deliver a burst of energy for a short time, a deep cycle battery provides power at a steady rate over a long period.

There are different types of deep cycle batteries such as flooded batteries, gel batteries and AGM batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat); and more recently – lithium-ion. All are made differently.

Among conventional deep cycle batteries, the flooded battery is the most common, which is similar to the standard lead acid battery in your car. The gel batteries, as the name suggests, have a gel-like substance in them and the AGM batteries consist of acid suspended in a glass mat separator.

While Flooded, AGM and gel batteries are used most frequently in off-grid scenarios;  next generation lithium-ion battery systems will experience significant uptake among grid-connected households in Australia – and off-grid too.

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