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Agm Battery Vs Lead Acid

- Feb 27, 2018 -

The difference is the electrolyte in the battery inside the fixed, penetration mode, AGM for the ultra-fine glass fiber separator, the role of absorbing electrolyte and provide oxygen composite channel. Gel batteries sio2 gel to fix the electrolyte.

AGM-type battery using pure sulfuric acid solution as electrolyte, the density of 1.29-1.3lg / cm3. Most exist in the glass fiber membrane, while the plate inside the absorption of a part of the electrolyte. In order to provide the positive electrode with oxygen to the negative electrode channel, it is necessary to keep the separator 10% of the pores occupied by the electrolyte, that is, the lean liquid design. Extreme group with tight assembly, in order to make full contact with the electrolyte plate. At the same time, in order to ensure sufficient battery life, the plate should be designed to be thick, positive grid alloy with Pb'-q2w-Srr - A1 quaternary alloy. AGM sealed lead-acid batteries with less electrolyte, thicker plate thickness, active material utilization is lower than the open-cell battery, so the discharge capacity of the battery is about 10% lower than open-cell. Compared with today's gel sealed battery, the discharge capacity to be smaller.

Compared with the same specifications battery, the price is higher, but has the following advantages:

Cyclic charging capacity than lead-calcium battery 3 times higher, with longer life.

Has higher capacitance stability over the entire service life.

Low temperature performance is more reliable.

Reduce the risk of accidents and reduce the risk of environmental pollution (due to acid 100% sealed)

Maintenance is simple, reduce the depth of discharge.

Colloidal lead-acid batteries using gel-like electrolyte, there is no free liquid within the existence of the same volume electrolyte capacity, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability to avoid the general battery prone to thermal runaway phenomenon; electrolyte concentration is low, the plate Corrosion is weak; uniform concentration, there is no electrolyte delamination phenomenon.

Has the following characteristics:

1, the preparation of high-quality fumed silica gel, electrolyte evenly distributed, there is no acid stratification.

2, the electrolyte gel was fixed, no flow, no leakage, so that all parts of the plate reaction.

3, using tight assembly technology, with excellent high rate discharge performance.

4, excessive electrolyte, battery heat capacity, heat dissipation ability, wide operating temperature range.

5, all using high-purity raw materials, battery self-discharge is minimal.

6, using gas recombination technology, the battery has a very high sealing reaction efficiency, acid-free fog precipitation, safety and environmental protection, pollution-free.

7, using a special design and high reliability of the sealing technology to ensure that the battery seal, the use of safe and reliable.

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