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Colloid Battery Definition

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Colloid battery is a kind of development classification of lead-acid battery, the method is to add the gelling agent in sulfuric acid, make the sulfuric acid electro-hydraulic into the colloidal state, the battery which is colloidal is usually called colloid battery.

The difference between the colloid cell and the conventional lead acid battery, from the initial understanding of the electrolyte gel, further developed to the electrochemical properties of the electrolyte infrastructure, as well as the application of the grid and active materials.

The most important features are: with a small industrial cost, to produce a better battery, its discharge curve is straight, the inflection point is high, its energy and power than conventional lead-acid batteries more than 20%, life is generally also the conventional lead-acid batteries around a times, high temperature and low temperature characteristics is much better.

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