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India Defends Solar Panel Makers From Chinese

- Jan 22, 2018 -

India defends solar panel makers from Chinese rivals

India has become the latest battleground in the fight to protect solar panel manufacturers from cheap Chinese rivals, as regulators plan a 70 per cent import duty that developers warn could halt the fast-expanding industry in its tracks.

Some of the country’s biggest builders of solar farms are battling proposals by Indian regulators to impose an emergency tax on solar cells imported from China and Malaysia, as well as more developed economies. The plans are likely to have a big impact on the Chinese industry, which has ramped up exports to India in part because of domestic oversupply.

The duty was called for by some of India’s biggest panel makers, led by Adani Group, which is controlled by the billionaire businessman Gautam Adani.

Their case was accepted by New Delhi’s directorate general of safeguards, which said it would propose an immediate 70 per cent tariff for 200 days until it can reach a more permanent conclusion.

In provisional findings, the DGS argued: “Increased imports, which show no sign of abating and on the contrary are further increasing significantly, threaten to cause serious injury to the domestic industry in the coming days.”

But the report has sparked an angry response from developers who have reduced their prices in the past few years, putting the Indian solar power industry at the front of a global renewables revolution.

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