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OPzS Battery

- Jan 23, 2018 -

OPzS battery

OpzS batteries are standby batteries with tubular plates, especially designed as battery backup power for all industrial applications which demand low-maintenance as well as average and long discharges. The tubular design with lead selenium alloy guarantees a longer operating life, minimal maintenance and optimal performances in cyclic and standby applications.

OPzS series is traditional tubular flood batteries. OPzS series provide excellent deep cycle life as well as extra-long float life, and recovery performance thank to the tubular positive plate and flood electrolyte. OPzS series is mainly designed for energy storage, telecommunication, emergency power.

OPzS battery is a traditional tubular plate flooded stationary battery,low maintenance, acid-proof and explosion-proof,Performances meet & exceed the standards specified in DIN40736.  This type battery is most suited for all standby power applications that require the highest levels of reliability and security.

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