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Precautions For Lead-acid Batteries

- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. The battery contains the lead and sulfuric acid is the environmental pollution, should be carefully stored, avoid impact, not more than 45 degrees angle oblique, do not invert, lest the electrolyte leakage from the small hole.

2. Before the installation of new batteries, please clean the battery connectors, pallets and stents on the corrosion, these corrosion is easy to cause poor contact, resulting in short-circuit leakage.

3. To remind you to remove the battery, please remove the "iron Pole", the installation of the after the "Iron pole."

4. Remind you that high temperature will lead to the rapid self-discharge of lead-acid batteries and avoid storing batteries in high temperature environments.

5. Avoid mixing with alkaline substances.

6. Once the battery ceases to operate for more than 20 days, the negative wire of the battery should be disassembled to avoid leakage.

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