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Selection Of Solar Cells

- Oct 10, 2017 -

In the solar power generation system, the choice of the battery to pay attention to what problems, from the following aspects to consider:

1. The temperature range of the battery is wide, all kinds of climatic conditions can be used under the general requirements of 30 degrees to 60 degrees of temperature conditions, the battery can also work properly to ensure normal charge and discharge, to meet the load supply requirements.

2. Low temperature performance should be very good, even in the cold areas, can be used normally.

3. Capacity consistency requirements, in a number of batteries in the string and use of the species, all the capacity of the battery to maintain consistency, so that the battery to play the maximum efficiency.

4. Long service life, this is to reduce maintenance costs, reduce the overall investment in solar systems.

5. Charging capacity is high, even in the unstable charging environment, there is a charge acceptance capacity.

6. Solar cells are devices that convert light energy (mainly sunlight) into electricity. According to the principle of the photovoltaic effect, which is based on the internal electric field of PN Junction, the optical voltage is produced by separating the photosynthetic carriers into the two sides of the knot, and the connection to the external circuit makes the power output of the solar cell stronger than the illumination intensity, the stronger the power output.

7. Lead-acid batteries: The vast majority of electric cars are now loaded with lead-acid batteries, because lead-acid batteries low-cost, cost-effective, this battery can be recharged, can be reused, but in the same capacity, the battery weight and volume are large, life is short.

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