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The Advantages Of An AGM Battery

- Jan 19, 2018 -

The Advantages of an AGM Battery

Also known as VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) and SLA (seal lead acid), the AGM battery was developed in the 1980s for use in military aircrafts. Original equipment car manufacturers are capitalizing on the design and performance of the AGM battery and utilizing them in many of today’s vehicles. Designed as a long life, durable, reliable and safer battery solution, these car batteries have proven to be an outstanding upgrade from the traditional flooded lead-acid battery.

Known for their enhanced electrical reliability, AGM batteries are ideal for vehicles that are heavily equipped with electronic devices including navigation and aftermarket car audio systems, electric parking brakes, stop-start technology and more. In order to sustain the load that sophisticated electrical systems require, the higher voltage of an AGM battery is a must-have to reliably maintain this sophisticated equipment.

Manufactured with highly absorbent polyester or fiberglass mat separators, these batteries benefit from the fact that the electrolyte (battery acid) cannot flow freely and is evenly distributed across the active plate surfaces. AGM operates by using recombinant chemistry in which oxygen recombines through the separators which live between the negative and positive plates. Additionally and unlike a flooded battery, the plates and separators are held within their cells under compression, resulting in up to 20 times better resistance to vibration. Another AGM advantage is that they discharge much more slowly than a flooded battery when the car is not operated for a period of time. AGM is safer because there is no free electrolyte, AGM batteries eliminate the spill hazard that exists with lead-acid batteries, resulting in an increased level of safety for the user.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of AGM is product life, up to twice as long as a comparable flooded battery! From a performance perspective, the AGM battery boasts better recharge capability while providing up to 3 times more starts per cycle and produces more power per cycle. This car batteries construction, design and cycleability work to greatly enhance AGM lifespan than the traditional lead acid.

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