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The Opzs Battery

- Feb 28, 2018 -

The Opzs battery

OpzS batteries are standby batteries with tubular plates,especially designed as battery backup power for all industrial applications which demand low-maintenance as well as average and long discharges. The tubular design with lead selenium alloy guarantees a longer operating life, minimum maintenance and optimal performances in cyclic and standby applications.

OPzS batteries are characterized by low maintenance requirements, long service life and excellent capacity performance while operating in high temperature or unstable power network, thus providing a premium efficient and cost effective energy solution.

Optimized design, according to DIN international standards, exclusive use of high quality raw materials, robust construction and state of the art manufacturing processes make this OPzS range the ideal solution for stationary applications demanding high level of safety and reliability.

Long service life

Tubular positive plates, unique sliding pole design and special alloys composition offer a design life of 20 years for 2V cells and 18 years for 6V & 12V blocks as well as more than 2300 cycles for 2V cells and 2000 cycles for blocks (60% Depth of Discharge @ 20C)

Outstanding performance and reliability

Products of optimum design with use of high quality raw materials, European state-of-the-art production facilities and cumulative experience on advanced submarine battery manufacturing ensure remarkable performance, exceeding values as defined by the DIN international standards.

Minimum maintenance

Low maintenance design with reduced topping up needs. Transparent container for easy visual electrolyte level monitoring.

Space optimization

Racks designed for optimal space utilization, quick installation and easy battery maintenance. 6V and 12V blocks available for applications where space is limited.

Operational safety

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