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Treatment Of Waste Lead-acid Batteries

- Oct 10, 2017 -

China's waste lead-acid batteries have been fully recovered, but the regeneration rate is only about 90%, developed countries require 98%. In this way, 300,000 tons of lead-acid batteries can not be effectively regenerated every year, causing environmental hazards.

It is understood that in the process of pretreatment of waste lead-acid batteries, the pollution sources mainly exist in the overflow of the leakage of the battery, the broken lead particles in the hammer mill, the leakage of the sewage when the hydraulic separation is used. These media contact with the soil or waste residue, exhaust gas form will cause great environmental pollution. Regardless of the lack of qualifications of small businesses, in a similar workshop form of brute force to dismantle the battery, casting furnace recycling.

It is for the sake of environmental protection, last September 5, China Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a joint "renewable lead industries access conditions", requiring the elimination of backward production capacity, strict approval of new projects, the establishment of relevant EIA standards.

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