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Lead Acid Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

CA12-200-Y Product details CA Series (Valve Regulated sealed lead acid AGM battery) CA series is the general purpose battery with 10 years design life in float service. It meets IEC, JIS and BS standards. With up-dated AGM valve regulated technology and high purity raw materials, the CA series...

Product Details

Lead Acid Batteries is the general purpose battery with 10 years design life in float service. It meets IEC, JIS and BS standards. With up-dated AGM valve regulated technology and high purity raw materials, the CA series battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life. It is suitable for UPS/EPS, medical equipment, emergency light and security system applications.


Product Feature

Long-life design (25℃): 10 or 18 years
Low self-discharge rate: ≤3%/Month
Good high rate discharge performance
High sealed reaction efficiency: ≥99%
Wide operation temperature range: -20℃~60℃
Grid: thicker grid and radiative grid structure
Structure: Compact design, lower internal resistance/high specific energy
Plate: Pasted flat type, with patent formula of AM/ latest grid alloy + patent formula of AM
Terminal: two or more types terminals are convenient for selection
Separator: using improved AGM separator, makes lower resistance, higher assembling pressure to increase cycle life


Specification of Lead Acid Batteries

Cells Per Unit: 6
Voltage Per Unit: 12
Capacity: 200Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V per cell @25℃
Dimension(LxHxW): 522x240x223mm
Weight: Approx. 60.0Kg(Tolerance±1.5%)
Max. Discharge Current: 2000A (5 sec)
Internal Resistance: Approx. 4 mΩ
Operating Temperature Range:
Discharge: -20℃ ~60℃;
Charge: 0℃~50℃;
Storage: -20℃~60℃
Normal Operating Temperature Range: 25℃±5℃
Float charging Voltage: 13.6 to 13.8 VDC/unit Average at 25℃
Recommended Maximum Charging Current: 60A
Equalization and Cycle Service: 14.6 to 14.8 VDC/unit Average at 25℃
Self Discharge: CHENGYU Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries can be stored for more than 6 months at 25℃. Self-discharge ratio less than 3% per month at 25℃. Please charge batteries before using.
Terminal: Terminal F10/F16
Container Material: A.B.S. UL94-HB, UL94-V0 Optional.


Compliant Standards

JIS C8702-2006
IEC 60896-21/22-2004
BS 6290.4-2006
Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, CE and TLC certificate.


Datasheet of Lead Acid Batteries



Solar System 1.jpg

Wind Energy 2.jpg

Solar System

Wind Energy


Light Suppler power 1.jpg

UPS System

Light Supply


Product Packing

Packing of military quality sealed lead acid battery 

1) Inner box -carton -pallet-container 

2) Packaging also can be made by customers requirements

image013(001).jpg  image015(001).jpg  image017(001).jpg


About us 

1.100%manufacturer & Customized

Zhongneng Chengyu Power Co., Ltd. Is a professional VRLA BATTERY include 6V&12V produces, located in Qingdao, can offer very convenient transportation access.
Zhongneng Chengyu Power Develop corresponding product series, such as UPS battery, solar deep cycle battery, gel battery according to customer's different applications. We can OEM customer's LOGO according to customer's authorization.

2.High-tech content & Quality control

Zhongneng Chengyu Power enjoys high reputation by set up a complete system with a group of experienced technology engineers, strong R&D sources, integrate QC system and production management system, we do control the product quality and production efficiency very well.

We possess the following certificate CE, UL, ISO9001, ROHS Certification.
We mark code on each solar battery; so as long as you have any questions, we can check product production information. Customize a NPP special identity card number for each product.

3.High-efficient skillful staffs & Perfection salesman

We have an excellent team with over 10 years experiences on VRAL BATTERY and more than 200 skilled workers.
Each salesman has been trained about professional product knowledge to provide thoughtful and careful follow-up service for each customer order.

Our advanced and professional technology, complete production lines, experienced staff and strict corporate system ensure our products quality. We pride ourselves on quality products, service and pricing, and believe that the three aspects are equally important to ensure the long-term success of overseas purchasing program.

4.Economy & Environment

We dedicated to provide economy and environment friendly battery products and create a new widespread field for storage battery products with our customers by joint efforts.


Battery Installation Guide

1. Point for attention during installation

(1) Reading is technical handbook prior to operation to ensure constructing correctly. Batteries shall be checked one by one to prevent from abnormal voltage prior to installation.

(2) Insulation tools should be used when installing & removing conductive connection slices due to higher serial voltage to protect from electric hit.

(3) During transportation & installation, battery’s short-circuit must be paid attention to because the battery delivered is electric.

(4) The battery with sealed free maintenance construction hasn’t changer of etching skin and eyes in normal case. Once sulphuric acid splashed in one’s eye’s rinsing with a plenty of water must be done and go to hospital.

(5) Exterior surface shall be washed with soap water and wet cloth .Dry cloth and duster shouldn’t be used, which can produce static to cause explosion, organic solvent shouldn’t be used either.


2. Installation of storage battery

(1) Battery may be installed in any direction (with the exception of turning upside down ) connection must be according to serial/parallel circuit. It is not allowable for incorrect and reverse pole connection.

(2) Oxides and dirty on battery’s terminals contact surface should be removed with sandpaper or iron brush to reduce contacting resistance and prevent from producing heat. A layer of vaselinum oil must be coated prior to installation. Check the system’s general voltage and positive & negative pole before power is on to ensure right installation.

(3) Shorten connecting cables if it is possible. Voltage drop produced should be taken consideration into selection of cables and for the cable’ specification, output capacitance shall not be as a unique factor.

(4) Battery may be shunted to reach its capacitance required. To reduce voltage drop, shunted connecting wire shall be most probably short.

(5) Batteries with different capacitance and /or performances and /or new & old degree shouldn’t be taken into service together.

(6) Battery should avoid installing inside on enclosed device. Good air ventilation is required. Don’t mount it nearby heat generating objectives e.g. transformer etc.

(7) Torque value for connecting battery shall be 11.3 N/M.

(8) Circuit switch shall be in position of “off” and the battery’s positive/negative pole shall be in that of corresponding connection of charger’s (load’s) positive/negative pole.

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lead acid batteries, manufacturers, high quality, long life, prices, for sale

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