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UPS Battery

UPS Battery

SMF Lead Acid Storage AGM UPS Battery CA series belong to sealed lead acid maintenance free AGM solar battery, is the general purpose battery with 10 years design life in float service. Good high rate discharge performance, and high sealed reaction efficiency is 99%, wide operation temperature...

Product Details

UPS Battery are maintenance free sealed lead-acid batteries composed of flat plates, high porosity AGM separator and ABS container. The cycle life is longer rather than conventional flooded batteries because of better vibration and impact resistant. Better deep discharge performance and quick recharge are also the key features of these batteries. Valve-regulated Lead Acid solar battery use particular alloy and material technology design to ensure a excellent performance in various environments, especially high and low temp. CHENGYU Solar series batteries is optimal for storage and conversion of photovoltaic energy and wind energy.


Main Parameters of UPS Battery


Nominal Voltage







Short Circuit Current


Terminal Position

Terminal Type









Sealed Type


Maintenance Type




Product Feauture of UPS Battery

1. Maintenance-free operation;
2.Good deep charge cycle performance: Good performance in charging, over-discharging and deep-discharging;
3.Good resistance to corrosion and small internal resistance;
4.Widely working environment: It can be used at widely difference in temperature from subzero 40ºC to 60ºC;
5. Sufficient capacity: guarantee 100% capacity; voltage and capacity of the battery is accordant;
6.Safe and reliable venting system, can eliminate the danger of explosion under large pressure

Product Specification of UPS Battery

Cells Per Unit6
Voltage Per Unit12
Capacity40Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V per cell @25℃
WeightApprox. 13.0 Kg(Tolerance±3%)
Max. Discharge Current400A (5 sec)
Internal ResistanceApprox. 8 mΩ

Operating Temperature


Discharge: -20℃ ~ 60℃

     Charge: 0℃ ~ 50℃
    Storage: -20℃ ~ 60℃

Normal Operating

Temperature Range

25℃ ± 5℃
Float charging Voltage13.6 to 13.8 VDC/unit Average at 25℃
Recommended Maximum Charging

Equalization and Cycle


14.6 to 14.8 VDC/unit Average at 25℃
Self Discharge

CHENGYU Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries can be stored for more

than 6 months at 25℃. Self-discharge ratio less than 3% per month at 25℃.

Please charge batteries before using

TerminalTerminal F4/F11
Container MaterialA.B.S. UL94-HB, UL94-V0 Optional.

Product Datasheet 



Other Product

1. CS series(Mini lead acid AGM battery);  2. CA series(SMF lead acid AGM storgae battery);

CS12-7-Y.jpg    CA12-60-Y.jpg

3. DC series(Deep cycle lead acid AGM solar battery);  4. DG series(Deep cycle lead acid GEL solar battery);

DC12-80-Y.jpg    DG2-500-Y.jpg

5. OPzV series(Valve Regulated Tubular GEL storage battery);


6. OPzS series(Flooded Tubular traction forklift battery).

opzv2-800-y.jpg     OPzS2-1000-Y.jpg

Our Factory


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Typical Applications

1. All purpose/  Emergency light/  DC power supply/  Aircraft signal

2. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
3. Electric Power System (EPS)      
4. Emergency backup power supply
5. Auto control system     
6. Alarm and security system
7. Electronic apparatus and equipment
8. Communication power supply



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ups battery, manufacturers, high quality, long life, prices, for sale

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